Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dishes which you won't get in finest restaurants: #2 Beet bata

I was inviting my Mom-in-law to our house last week. The conversation went something
like below:
Me: "Hello Ma, try to come as early as possible. Then we will have plenty of time to chat."
Mom in law : "Yes I will try dear, but you know your dad....and don't cook too many thing."
Me: "Please don't worry, Mom....I will manage. By the way, do you like beet ?"
Mom in law : "What ?"
Me: "Beet Ma, beet ?"
Mom in law :  "What ? beef ? no no, I don't eat beef." 
(Mom probably thinking: "What has become of our Hindu daughter's these days, openly asking me if I take beef!!")
Me : "Beef!! oops, no no Ma you did not hear me properly I'm asking about beet , beet root not beef.
Mom in law (with a sigh of relief) :  "Oh beet , yes yes of course I eat beet, dear. "
So I made beet bata...

2 to 3 Beet roots: shredded  
2 Onions : thinly sliced
6 Garlic cloves : in paste form
2 to 3 green chillies : cut horizontally
Sugar and salt to taste
White vegetable oil

Add one table spoon oil in kadai and stir fry the sliced Onions till they become golden brown. Then add the shredded beet roots and fry some more. Add garlic paste & green chillies keep stirring.
Add Sugar and salt per taste. This preparation is a bit dry and goes well with warm plain rice.

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