Saturday, 11 April 2015

Luchi and Alu-r chorchori : my breakfast in heaven

One morning I shall be sitting in a chair in the garden of paradise. Sun light mixed with morning mist will spread a golden haze all over the place. An angel will arrive and ask me what I would like to eat. My answer will be....... “Luchi and alu-r chorchori”. Straightaway a plateful of cream colored Luchi and potato bhaji will appear in front of me from nowhere. My spectacle glasses will become hazy from the steam coming out from it. Since I am yet to receive an invitation from the life after I decided to build my heaven right where I am in.  So on coming Bengali new year I will pamper myself and my folks at home with my this breakfast of paradise. You are also more than welcome. 

Luchi :
Refined flour
Vegetable white oil
Pinch of salt

Knead white flour with little oil, water and pinch of salt. Better if you use warm water. Better if you have some time and cover the dough with a wet cloth.
Then make small balls. Dip each ball a little in the oil and roll thinly on a plate. Deep fry.

Alu-r Chorchori or Alu Bhaji:
4 to 5 Chillies : slit vertically
4 potatoes : cut in thin square pieces
1 Tomato : chopped
Salt and sugar to taste
Vegetable white oil
Stir fry chillies, potatoes for 5 minutes. Then add tomatoes. Stir some more till it becomes mushy. Add salt and sugar to taste. Add little water and cover. Cook till to potatoes become tender.

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