Friday, 20 March 2015

Dishes which you won't get in finest restaurants: #1 Sheem with dhone & tetul

Humans are strange. We wish to dine in five star hotels with fine people but deep inside the we know the satisfaction which a simple warm home-made meal with loved ones can give is incomparable.  We have the desire for everything we don’t have. But may be the things we don’t have are which we don’t need at all !! May be life is not as complex and tough as we think. .....may be we need to go a little bit slow and enjoy every moment & every bit of it....may be...

Now Sheem with dhone & tetul is a perfect tangy dish to elevate any mood and I'm sure you will not get this dish in city’s finest hotels.   

5 to 6 Sheem / flat Beans : Cut into small square pieces
2 table spoon Tamarind paste  
1 bunch of dhone-pata / coriander leaves
2 to 3 green chillies
Sugar and salt to taste
White vegetable oil

Soak the Tamarind pods in mild hot water. When they become soft, separate the pulp using a sieve. Make paste of coriander leaves using a blender. Add 2 tea spoon oil in kadai and stir fry the sheem pieces. Add some green chillies.
Next add the coriander & tamarind paste. Add sugar and salt per your taste.  Add little water if required and cover the kadai. Cook till sheem pieces become tender.
This should not be very dry or very watery. This preparation goes well with warm plain rice.  

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