Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Robibar-er Alik abosar e Ranna

 Sundays are irreplaceable and are becoming expensive every week. But as the sun rises in the sky on every Sunday, the countdown begins. Wait, but no not for me. Because there is 99.99% of chance that I will be sleeping. Honestly, I have neither an experience of watching a sun-rise on Sunday nor any wish to watch one (yes, even if it is on the most beautiful place on earth). Yeh, I relish my morning sleepover of Sundays. “Roti, kapda and makaan and Sunday” is my own basic rights manifesto.
After I wake up on Sundays (at least to some extent) all I want …yeh……. hmmm …a…..ok sorry I don’t know what I want ….but I definitely don’t want to spend long time in the kitchen but I definitely don’t want to starve.
I believe, we deserve a good lunch at least once a week. A proper lunch on Sunday is essential for our survival from week-long lunches @ office.

So who are the knights in shining armour ?

Here comes the list of saviours for our summer Sunday lunches:
  1. Aam diyeTak dal
  2. Chichinga bhaja
  3. Pabda Macher jhol
  4. Tak Doi

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