Monday, 19 May 2014

Doing nothing

You know, I just love to shut off my mind…. away from all my professional  & personal agendas, away from whips of daily routines, away from news, away from social networks, away from any media, away from all grown-up people (well except a chosen few J).  
Once I shut off myself, I Love spending time in doing nothing. I mean almost nothing like walking aimlessly, sleeping, thinking of nothing in particular, scribbling, babbling with children or with those chosen few J …….
That’s when I relish every moments I am living. That’s when I feel I am living a life at all !! But ….the catch is ….
Why these golden living moments are so short?
Who is stopping me?
Why I call this as “doing nothing” not “living”?
Why I have to return to the main stream?
Why I have to catch the superfast life express everyone is travelling?
Why I have no choice but to spend life without appreciating ?
May be someday I will find the answer to all these unfathomable questions!!  

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