Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Kumror Chakka / Dry side dish with Pumpkin ,Porwal & Potatoes (3P’s)

Kumror Chakka

If you like any of the two veggies Pumpkin or Parwal , then this is a recipe for you. Although I am not very fond of either of these two veggies, so for me this dish only goes with hot Luchi i.e. maida puri. Luchi with Kumror Chakka is  a must try combination!!

Pumpkin : 1/2 (Cut into big cubes)
Parwal/Patol/Pointed Gourd : 4-5 nos. (Cut into halves)
Potato : 2(medium) (Cut into cubes)
Raisins / Kismis : 1 tb spoon (Soak in luke water)
Roasted peanuts : 1 tb spoon (Grind coarsely into little pieces. )

My Mom normally uses chickpeas instead of peanuts & Kismis.  If you want to try that version then take 1/2 cup of Chola/kala chana/Black chickpeas and soak overnight or 4 hours in hot water. 

White Oil : 2 tblsp.
Salt : as per taste
Sugar: as per taste
Water : As required in the cooking process. 

Panch phoron : 2 tsp.
Bay leaves : 1
Turmeric Powder : 1 tsp.
Cumin powder : 1 tsp.
Bengali Garam masala powder : 1 tsp.(grounded powder mix of 1" cinnamon stick, 2-3 cardamoms, 3 cloves)  

Panch phoron 
is a very common spice of Bengali cuisine. This famous blend consists of equal amount of cumin seeds(জিরা), fennel seeds(মৌরি), fenugreek seeds(মেথি), nigella seeds(কালোজিরা) and wild celery seeds(রাধুনি).  As soon as the seeds pop in hot oil, Panch phoron will fill your kitchen with its aroma. Equally common is Bengali Garam masala powder which consists of grounded powder of cinnamon stick, cardamoms & cloves) 

Heat oil in a pan. Then temper it with bay leaf and panch phoron. When the seeds start turning light brown, add all the vegetable pieces.  Fry the pieces with a pinch of turmeric powder and and a little salt. When they are brown from all sides add the cumin powder. Next add kala chana or chick peas if you want. Mix everything well adding 2-3 tbl spoon of water into it.  Add sugar now.  When spices blend well, add 1 cup or enough water to cook the veggies. Be careful that water must dry up when the veggies are cooked. Check the seasoning. Lastly add the roasted peanuts & Raisins.  Sprinkle garam masala powder on top and remove from heat.  

The taste will be a blend of sweet and spicy. Goes with roti, parota, rice and luchi. Off course for me only with Luchi / puri J  

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