Saturday, 29 November 2014

Phirni or Rice pudding

In our family, Payesh (Bengali: পায়েস) is essential for Birthdays. If you are present, no matter you like it or not we will oblige you to eat at least a spoon. This year on my husband’s B’day instead of our long-established "chaler payesh" I prepared Phirni for the first time (clearly a courtesy of my ever rebellion inside). Then obviously I was very apprehensive about its acceptance. Fortunately everything went just well and everyone enjoyed this dessert. And I ? I am still savoring its victory.

Ingredients :
Whole Milk
Rice (I used Gobindo Bhog)
Crushed Cashew nuts
Cardamom powder

Process :
Boil whole milk till it become thick. Add sugar per your taste. Break Gobinda bhog rice partially by mixer or by hand grinder (better but tiresome).  Then boil the rice in water till cooked. Mix the cooked rice (along with water) in the milk and boil together. Then add crushed Cashew nuts & raisins. After the milk become really thick switch off the oven. Pour it into small serving bowl and put into refrigerator. Sprinkle Cardamom powder on top before serving.

  •  I’ve had some Nolen gur (liquid Jaggery) left in my refrigerator for quite some time. So I pour a teaspoon of Nolen gur onto each serving bowl before putting it in the refrigerator
  • You may decorate with rose petals
  • Add as many dry fruits as you want
  • Use Jaggery (or Patali gur in Bengali) instead of sugar

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