Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bhendi fry

Bhendi fry
I cook it often for lunch to go with rice and dal. For dinner I add Potatoes cut into small cubes with it and it goes well with Roti.
This easy and appetizing side dish becomes very handy at times when I am in no mood for Cooking.

Bhendi or Ladies finger : Cut in small pieces
Onion: Cut in small pieces (optional)
Salt & Sugar to taste
Turmeric powder
White Oil to sauté

Sprinkle little Turmeric powder on Bhendi pieces and mix well. Heat oil in a Kadai.
If using onion, then fry the onions slightly. Then add Bhendi in it and pan fry. Else start with Bhendi pieces.
When they start to turn brown add Salt & Sugar to taste. The Sugar will add a lovely caramelized brown tint.
When all the pieces are evenly fried cover the Kadai for 2-3 minutes. So the vapour will soften the fried Bhendi pieces.

List of Variations:
1.With or without Onion
2.whole  cumin seeds
3.finely chopped tomato / chillies
4.Potatoes cut into small cubes

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